WPM has always been committed to quality. We have been ISO-9001 certified since 2005. Our personnel, both new and current employees, receive extensive training to reinforce existing skills and add new ones. Our quality assurance equipment includes (2) Brown and Sharpe CMMs, a Mitutoyo Contracer, and a variety of other precision measuring equipment.

Information Systems
WPM uses comprehensive software on a powerful server that is networked throughout our plant to ensure everyone has current and correct operation information. All company data is backed up off-sight every night. In the event of any business disruption affecting hardware or software, our practices significantly limit loss of data and significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to get right back up to full operation.

Vendor Base
As a result of many years of operation, WPM has developed a strong and diverse vendor base to support operations performed outside our facilities. These services include basic purchased materials, consumable tooling, heat treatment, surface finishing (paint, plating, anodizing), freight, and others. We selectively screen and select only vendors capable of working to the same quality and service levels we demand of ourselves.